Internationale Referenzen

Rund um den Globus schätzen renommierte Architekturbüros ArchiCAD und realisieren damit Projekte jeder Grösse und Komplexität. Lernen Sie einige davon näher kennen und werfen Sie einen Blick hinter die Kulissen. Führende Architekten sprechen über ArchiCAD, ihre Arbeit, ihre Erfahrungen und Visionen.

Helen & Hard Architects, Norway

Dag Strass

Helen & Hard was founded in 1996 in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway by Norwegian architect Siv Helene Stangeland and Austrian architect Reinhard Kropf. Today, the company has a youthful staff of 20 drawn from 8 different countries, with offices in both Stavanger and Oslo. Helen and Hard designs a wide variety of projects ranging from single family houses to large public buildings, from offices and multi-family housing projects to master planning.

art1st design studio, Hungary

Daniel Taraczky

An architecturally and culturally unique institution, the Budapest Music Center is one musician’s 30-year dream come true. The architects from art1st studio and the founder of the institute guide the viewers through this elegantly designed, multi-functional building, including their use of ArchiCAD on the project as well as the building's historical background and future mission. The article on this project can also be found here.

John Gilbert Architects, Glasgow, Scotland

Matt Bridgestock

Through a commissioned family house project at Cuil Bay in Scotland, John Gilbert Architects started to explore BIMx as a communication tool with the client. BIMx became an essential channel between them, enabling the client especially to understand the "real space" of her house. Watch this video and discover how BIMx unravels what the 2D documents couldn't express for the client and made it so much more fun!

Nationalmuseum of Sweden

Joakim E Werning

An unprecedented way of designing exhibitions using BIM: The Nationalmuseum of Sweden embraced the concept of using 3D CAD to design their exhibitions approximately 10 years ago. Today, the museum not only uses GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD for designing and managing exhibit installations, but also to provide extremely precise BIMx models of their exhibitions for website visitors to download and view. CAD/BIM Expert for exhibition designs, Joakim E. Werning, hopes to develop this virtual exhibition technology even further for their future exhibitions.

LIAG Architects, the Netherlands

Thomas Bögl

LIAG was founded in 1919 by Dirk Roosenburg who was a contemporary of the architects Dudok, Rietveld and Oud, and many of his buildings have been declared a national monument. Today, together with clients, the firm creates powerful properties with a positive attitude towards the environment and its users. LIAG has strong affinity with the realization of integrated sustainable housing solutions that also take into account the total life of a building.

Studio Pacific, New Zealand

Marcellus Lilley

Studio Pacific was established in Wellington in 1992 by Nicholas Barratt-Boyes, B. Arch, ANZIA, RIBA; Stephen McDougall, B.B.Sc, B.Arch, FNZIA; and Evzen Novak, B. Arch (Hons), ANZIA, RIBA. Prior to establishing the Studio, the directors studied and/or worked together in New Zealand before working for a period in Europe. The collective international experience greatly influenced the direction of the practice. From early design competitions and small residential commissions, Studio Pacific has evolved into an award-winning creative practice with diverse projects throughout New Zealand.

Orcutt | Winslow, Arizona, US

Saravanan Balasubramanian

Orcutt | Winslow was established over four decades ago by two Arizona State University graduates eager to take on the architectural field with new and innovative design solutions. Along with the philosophies that "a project can only be as good as the information gathered," and "behind every well-designed building is an architect who took the time to thoroughly understand the client's needs," Herman Orcutt and Paul Winslow began building client-focused design teams that could offer personal service during each stage of the architectural process.

Rojkind Architects, Mexico City, Mexico

Michel Rojkind

Last year Architectural Record voted this exuberant Mexican architect as at the vanguard of building design. A powerful exponent of ArchiCAD, he is an enthusiastic example to anyone who still doubts the power of virtual design.

Oppenheim Architecture + Design, Miami, USA

Chad Oppenheim

Heralded in the press as changing the face of "Miami modernism", Chad Oppenheim was awarded the AIA Outstanding Young Architect of the Year prize five years ago.

Kleihues + Kleihues Architects, Berlin, Germany

Jan Kleihues

His Berlin-based practice boasts a host of embassies and Berlin's tallest hotel building. With a long history of post-war reconstruction design, the firm has had a massive impact on the face of the city.

Nikken Sekkei LDT, Tokyo, Japan

Tomohiko Yamanashi

Nikken Sekkei Architects, Engineers and Planners is Japan's largest design firm, and has worked on 20,000 projects across some 40 countries. It just won the Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) architecture Gold Medal for the Laboratory for the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies in Japan.

Fender Katsalidis Architects, Victoria, Australia

Craig Baudin

Craig Bauding has a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and is a registered Architect. Prior to joining FKA he worked on a number of large residential, commercial and mixed use projects in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. In September 2007 he was made an Associate Director of the practice. Craig brings a broad based range of experience across all phases of the project cycle, from early concept through to completion.

Léon Wohlhage Wernik Architekten, Berlin, Germany

Prof. Hilde Léon

Prof. Hilde Léon founded the office together with Konrad Wolhage in 1987. Berlin is the starting point and the inspiration for their work. All their projects, both German and international, are planned in the Berlin office. In addition to public building projects, offices, and residences, the firm also develops urban planning concepts.

paastudio, California, USA

Ivo Venkov

Ivo Venkov and his wife Rossi Venkov are known as the "Coolest Architects" in the United States after winning a Merit Award for their Pacific Palisades Residence project in 2005. They call their architecture 'livable minimalism'.


AIDEA Philippines Inc., Makati City, Philippines

Abelardo M. Tolentino, Jr.

At the start of his career, Aidea Philippines CEO & President, Abelardo Tolentino, Jr. envisioned a Filipino design firm that would lead and inspire the industry through its designs, relationships and global thinking. He changed the mindset of his people and inspired them to continuously innovate the way they design.

Under his leadership, Aidea has broken into the international market. They have completed numerous projects for clients throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

RAU Architecture, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Thomas Rau

Dutch Architect Thomas Rau started his firm in 1993 and became best known for his ING-bank offices and Europe's first CO2-free building, the World Wildlife Fund headquarters in Zeist, Netherlands. Rau describes his guiding principle as "open-minded architecture", providing the client with what he/she really wants, and not necessarily with what he/she asked for.

China Architecture Design & Research Group, Beijing, China

Zhang Xiaolei

China Design is the largest architectural firm in China with nearly 2,000 employees. Among the Group's well-known masterpieces are Beijing Railway Station, China Art Gallery and many more completed projects in Beijing. Since 1986, the Group was awarded 289 design prizes, including 5 international prizes.


A.C.D. Girardet & Associés, Versailles, France

Didier Girardet

A.C.D. Girardet & Associés was established in Versailles in 1983. Their work is strongly oriented towards sports facilities of all sizes, including recreational areas and school or community gyms, as well as large-scale projects such as stadiums. One of their most important projects to date was the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, in which they had to meet constraints specific to this particular project: the timeframe, for example, meant that all construction work had to be completed between two tournaments...

The interview was conducted by Abvent France, in partnership with the French Tennis Federation, owner of Roland Garros, the French Open.

Rice Daubney, Syndey, Australia

Darren Tims

Rice Daubney is a creative firm for architecture, planning and design with experience spanning 30 years across Australia and Asia. As one of Australia's leading architectural practices, Rice Daubney produces projects that have a common emphasis on quality, commercial focus, and innovation in design, across all the sectors of the business; Commercial + Workplace, Retail, Health + Research and Defence.

Schultes Frank Architekten, Berlin, Germany

Axel Schultes

His seminal works are in Berlin and include the Chancellery building and the much-acclaimed Crematorium, which brought him international recognition and inspired many other designers.

Fink+Jocher Architects, Munich, Germany

Prof. D. Fink & Prof. T. Jocher

The office of Dietrich Fink and Thomas Jocher was founded in 1991 in Munich. Since that time, they have established themselves with not only residential, office, and industrial planning projects, but also in the area of national and international urban planning. The firm's slogan, "To design is to explore," has resulted in a number of prestigious awards.

Fazakas György Architects, Budapest, Hungary

György Fazakas

With an office located in Budapest in a state-of-the-art building designed by his own firm, Fazakas György has made a name for himself as a well-respected international architect.

Based on his experiences working at an architectural firm in New York City from 1985 to 1989, Fazakas urges all young architects to get as much experience as they can working abroad before settling down back home. This is also important because, according to Fazakas, international teamwork has become a key component to any successful building project.

Atelier Philippe Madec, Paris, France

Philippe Madec

Since 1989, when Philippe Madec opened his first office in Paris, he has focused mainly on architecture's role in sustainable development. By doing so, he has earned the respect of his colleagues worldwide. Madec's architectural and urban approach forms part of a wider environmental framework, "rooted in the earth and its resources," as he likes to say.

Brenac et Gonzalez Sarl, Paris, France

Xavier Gonzalez

Brenac + Gonzalez, founded by Olivier Brenac and Xavier Gonzalez in 1978, has grown to be one of the most highly-respected architectural firms in France. Their shared vision for excellence in design has earned them a coveted spot among the top architectural firms.

Thomas A. Heinz, AIA, Chicago, USA

Thomas A. Heinz

Thomas A. Heinz, AIA, of Libertyville, Illinois has worked on more than 40 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, restorations, and reconstructions. As a renowned Wright devotee scholar and author of 30 books, Thomas A. Heinz brought the vision of Wright to life on the 11-acre Petre Island in Mahopac just 40 miles north of New York City.

Using ArchiCAD, Heinz was able to translate the original design into the very difficult rock terrain of the island, while preserving the original Frank Lloyd Wright design and addressing the realities of current building, energy and zoning requirements.

TPO Reserve, Moscow, Russia

Vladimir I. Plotkin

"The main thing is an attraction for shape."


Vladimir Plotkin is the chief designer of the TPO "Reserve" architectural design firm in Moscow, Russia. He designed numerous hotels, offices, residential complexes, skyscrapers and other land-mark buildings in Moscow and in St Petersburg. Plotkin is also a professor MArchI (Moscow Architectural Institute) and a member of board MOSA, laureate of the "Golden Section" Prizes in 1999 and 2001of the International Academy of Architecture.

Capella Garcia Arquitectura, Barcelona, Spain

Juli Capella

Juli Capella from Capella-Garcia Arquitectes is known as one of the most important figures in contemporary architecture and design in Spain. Some of their outstanding projects are the Heron City or the OMM Hotel in Barcelona. They believe their style as a non-style.

Peichl & Partner Architects, Vienna, Austria

Prof. Gustav Peichl

Prof. Gustav Peichl, Principal; Katharina Fröch, Partner; Christoph Lechner, Partner; Peichl & Partner Architects, Vienna, Austria


A virtuoso architect and equally famous sketch artist, he is famed for his large-scale projects in Europe and the Middle East. His Millennium Tower is a landmark building that can be seen across Vienna.

The Orcutt/Winslow Partnership, Arizona, USA

Paul Winslow

The Orcutt/Winslow Partnership - Paul Winslow, FAIA Principal; Herman Orcutt, AIA Principal; Russ Sanders, AIA, Orcutt/Winslow Associate and Virtual Building Committee Coordinator, Arizona, US


The practice was named the AIA Arizona 2004 Architectural Firm of the Year and 2005 Western Mountain Region Firm of the Year, having completed more than 1,800 projects worth billions in construction revenue. Absolutely devoted to ArchiCAD.

Fender Katsalidis Architects, Victoria, Australia

David Sutherland

David Sutherland is the Director of Planning of one of the foremost design firms in Australia. Fender Katsalidis' international projects include Southeast Asia and the Middle East. They have designed the 90 story Eureka Tower, one of the highest residential towers in the world. Compared to earlier days, they enjoy work and the efficiency of it by using Information Technology that is translating their thoughts in to build reality.

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